In past years we frequently received requests from authors for certain photo motifs for book projects. As the approximately 10,000 photos in our company’s archive were not indexed, however, we were not in a position to help. In autumn 2011 we completed the digitalization and archiving of our photographs, so that now, for a fee, we can provide photos for certain themes.


On request we can provide mini-scans of available images. After receipt of payment,
high-resolution scans of the selected photos will be sent by e-mail or by post on a CD.


Our archive includes Luftwaffe (aircraft, airfields, weapons, etc.) photos of:


  Luftwaffe (aircraft, airfields, weapons, etc.)
  Navy (submarines, surface ships, sea rescue, etc.)

Army (infantry, tanks, pioneers, mountain infantry, etc.)


The photos offered are only those that are the property of the publishing company.
We primarily offer photos that have already appeared in our publications or which we do not plan to use in future projects.


Photographs from third parties, which were given to us for publication only, are not available for transfer.



 •Delivery my post (CD): 5.00 Euro

 •Search inquiry: 10.00 Euro

 •High-resolution scan: price on request (price depends on intended use)

 •Delivery by email: free