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Axel Urbanke
Axel Urbanke

Luftfahrtverlag-Start has been in existence since 2002. The owner and publisher is author Axel Urbanke, who was previously an assistant editor and contributor with various historical aviation magazines in Germany and elsewhere. After almost twenty years as an authority, Axel decided to turn his hobby into a career.


Since then the publishing company, with a team of almost thirty contributors, has pub- lished the series “Luftwaffe im Focus” and “U-Boot im Focus” plus books on a variety of military topics.Using largely-unknown photographs and thoroughly-research- ed texts, the publications document all aspects of operations by various branches of the armed services. Equal space is devoted to the fate of the soldiers and technical and historical points of view.


Seventy-six years after the war there is surely sufficient distance from the events to undertake a factual and honest examination of what took place in those times. The historical reappraisal of past events has always been an important factor in the self-discovery of nations. The Second World War is a part of German history and cannot be ignored. A factual and neutral examination of that dark chapter, undertaken withoutpolitical bias, must now finally be the task of the postwar generation.


Dealing with the subject in a sensible way can be a step towards understanding among peoples. Luftfahrtverlag-Start hopes to make a contribution towards this, in part by printing all of its publications in both German and English.